Mark / Remark

by Roland Obedin-Schwartz   Tom O’Neil does not follow expectations when he starts a painting. He approaches the canvas with an open mind ready to “pay attention to an impulse.” It seems impossible: forming cohesion by following whims, yet this struggle is not only the context but the content of his work. Each mark, then, Continue Reading →

Evolution of an Image

by Roland Obedin-Schwartz I’ve been mulling over the strange experience of watching Tom O’Neil paint. I arrive at the studio and find him hard at work on a piece I’ve never seen before, a square canvas hanging where there used to be a painting of, as best I can describe, two melting musical notes. The Continue Reading →


by Roland Obedin-Schwartz “Metaphysically, a thing in itself never expresses anything. It is the relation between things that gives meaning to them and that formulates a thought,” writes Hans Hoffman, in his essay “The Search for the Real in the Visual Arts.” This is an elaboration of his ‘Push-Pull’ color theory, which argues that the Continue Reading →

The Essence of Winter

by Roland Obedin-Schwartz It’s a strange winter in the Berkshires, defined not so much by a single season but by the confusion of seasons: winter comes and goes in angry droves while spring dots the weeks in odd, muddy bursts, leaving us cold, snow-slapped, gray and bitter, without the vast, total emptiness that makes winter Continue Reading →

Writer’s Introduction

by Roland Obedin-Schwartz My name is Roland Obedin-Schwartz and my job on this site is to produce a series of mini-essays: conversational encounters with Tom O’Neil, his approach, and his art. I met Tom serendipitously, the result of an idea on the part of his web host, Bob O’Haver, to experiment with a new tack Continue Reading →

Welcome to the launch

Welcome to the launch of Charles Thomas O’Neil’s updated site! We are excited to introduce a new feature: a series of short, conversational essays aimed at exploring Tom’s work and his artistic world in a new light, written by Roland Obedin-Schwartz. Below you’ll find a tease of the first post, but please click the link to Continue Reading →

Studio Dialogue #1

“Beauty is the search for Truth.” Tom O’Neil quotes Plato and makes sure I write it down. I’ve met O’Neil twice now, both times at his studio,  Against white walls he’s hung a little over a dozen paintings, some in groups, others alone. Some are recent, while others have been undergoing his process of revision Continue Reading →

A Trip to Chelsea

by Roland Obedin-Schwartz   It’s a warm October afternoon and I’ve hoofed it down to the spartan Cheim & Read Gallery to see recent work by the abstract painter Louise Fishman. In typical Chelsea fashion I’m greeted with a roundabout of white walls and a pair of gallery assistants huddled behind a desk that looms Continue Reading →

Group show at Barn Gallery at Stonover Farm

I’m hanging 3 pieces in the group show Soul Appetite curated by Geoffrey Young at the Barn Gallery at Stonover Farm in Lenox, Massachusetts on Friday, July 13 through August 24.